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Jonathan Larsson
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About Me
Producer - Mix engineer - Mastering engineer
Hey! My name is Jonathan Larsson, I am a Major & Indie Label accredited songwriter, producer, mix engineer. Working with a big variety of genres of music for companies like Columbia, Docks, SVT and Sony Music

Started out as a singer and guitarist in the Swedish band I Am Nova the passion for creating music led me to discovering music production and mixing. Offering my services since 2009 I have made a big variety of singles, EP’s, and albums.

I’m offering production/recording and mixing and have
specialized myself in Pop, Rock & Indie.
My productions, mixes and masterings are made in Callsee Studios which I run together with Carl-Oscar Korenado.

Callsee Studios is a beautifully located music studio in Falkenberg on the West Coast of Sweden. The studio, which was started in the spring of 2016, consists of a large recording room and a high-end-equipped control room. The house also houses a kitchen and upstairs with a bedroom, making it perfect for a weekend or a whole week session with your band.

Why Work With Me?

Producer - Mix engineer - Mastering engineer
My passion is music, and I strive to make the best out of every project. Your music deserve to sound as good as it can get and to reach its full potential.

With over 4+ million streams on various songs I have the ability to make your songs stand out in the noise.

Do you have a song you want to shine like a diamond?
I’ll help you get there!



Everything from Recording individual instruments to full production and recording of your single, EP or album. From idea to finished production.


I take the tracks you recorded and refine them into professional, polished productions that compete with what you hear today on spotify & radio.


Mastering your music with great respect, always with your genre and references in mind. My job is to make your music sound perfectly adapted for CD and streaming

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Trusted by global brands

Let’s Work Together

I always looking for new inspiring projects to work with so hit me up with an email and let us talk more about your project and see how we can make your music as good as it can be!
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